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High-quality risk management training for dedicated outdoor professionals and recreationalists.

Southern California’s best source for Wild20070118_WMA_0168_lowres_crop2erness Medicine Training

Adventure Risk Management proudly sponsors a wide variety of Wilderness Medical Associates courses- internationally recognized as the finest wilderness medicine training available. Courses include:wma-logo

  • Wilderness First Aid (WFA)
  • Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA)
  • Wilderness First Responder (WFR- 5 Day Format!)
  • Wilderness EMT Upgrade (WEMT)
  • Recertification Courses

Why choose Adventure Risk Management as the sponsor of your Wilderness Medicine Course?

  • Most courses are offered in the spectacular mountain environment of the San Jacinto mountains, near the town of Idyllwild. Before, during or after your course, enjoy great hiking, mountain biking and world-class climbing at Tahquitz & Suicide Rocks.
  • Wilderness Medicine Course Discount Program helps make these incredibly valuable courses as accessible as possible.
  • Stay with Adventure Risk Management: Cumulative discounts for returning students!
  • Get the Training You Need: Our unique sponsorship arrangement with WMA means rare course cancellations.
  • SCHWAG! Registered students receive discounts for local outdoor retailers!

navigateRisk Management Consultation and Program Development

Virtually all Outdoor and Adventure Education programs embrace the value of risk as a means of education and self-discovery. Adventure Risk Management can assist your program in achieving your risk management goals and improve program quality with the insight of some of the industry’s most recognized specialists.




Registration, Cancellation and Transfer Policy

Registration, Cancellation and Transfer Policy

5 Day WFR only:

  • 30 days or more prior to Day 1 of your course: Cancellations or transfer request will be subject to a $75 processing fee, per registration.
  • 15 days to 30 days prior to Day 1: 50% tuition refund or transfer credit. Transfer credits must be used within six months of original course.
  • 14 days to 48 hours prior to Day 1: Cancellation or transfer requests result in 100% forfeiture of tuition.
  • If you are able to find another person to fill your space, there will be a $75 processing fee (per registration).

Courses other than 5 Day WFR:

  • 15 days or more prior to Day 1 of your course: Cancellations or transfer request will be subject to a $75 processing fee, per registration.
  • 14 days to 48 hours prior to Day 1: 50% tuition refund or transfer credit. Transfer credits must be used within six months of original course.
  • 48 hours or less prior to Day 1: Cancellations or transfer requests result in 100% forfeiture of tuition.
  • If you are able to find another person to fill your space, there will be a $75 processing fee (per registration).

Course Textbook costs: If you cancel your registration (or if your course is cancelled for any reason), the cost of any course textbook (plus shipping fees) that you may have received pre-course will be in addition to any cancellation processing fees. In the event that your course cancels for any reason, you will be responsible for the cost of any textbook(s) that were mailed to you prior to your course. To avoid these costs, any textbook must be returned to us within one week of a cancellation notification, and must be in absolutely new, re-usable condition. (As of December 2015, ‘Wilderness and Rescue Medicine’ cost is $45. ‘Outward Bound Wilderness First Aid Handbook’ is $15.95)

Eligibility, Course Participation, Certification: You are responsible to ensure your own eligibility for any course (i.e. Recertification or Bridge courses) prior to your arrival. No refunds or credits will be issued for any of the following circumstances:

  • Ineligibility for Recertification or Bridge courses.
  • Ineligibility for certification due to tardiness or absence (100% attendance is required to be eligible for certification).
  • Early departures or no shows.
  • Failure of course for any reason.

Course Policies: In the interest of a healthy, conducive learning environment, all participants are expected to adhere to the Course Policies:

  • There is no smoking in any of the buildings. Smoking is allowed only at designated outdoor sites.
  • Minors must have their parent or legal guardian present with them throughout the course.
  • There are no pets allowed at any course. Pets may not be left in vehicles during a course.
  • Please refrain from all alcohol or drug use at any time at the facilities where this course is conducted.
  • Your personal items are your responsibility- take reasonable precautions in securing your personal items. Adventure Risk Management will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.

Adventure Risk Management reserves the right to dismiss any participant from a course due to violation of any course policy or disruptive behaviors, with no refund or transfer credit.

Course cancellation or rescheduling by Adventure Risk Management:  Though uncommon, Courses or Events may be cancelled for reasons outside of the control of Adventure Risk Management (i.e. low enrollment, impacts related to COVID-19, etc.). If such a course cancellation or rescheduling occurs, registered participants may utilize either of the following options:

Textbook costs will be applied as described above.

Adventure Risk Management will not be financially responsible for any participant travel or lodging expenses, or for any other participant preparations made for a Course or Event.

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Wilderness Medicine Course Tuitions

Wilderness Medicine courses

Verification of Accuracy and Full Disclosure Statement

I understand and acknowledge that Adventure Risk Management is not making a determination of my fitness for a course, training or event; rather, I represent to Adventure Risk Management and verify that I am physically fit and ready for the course, training or event.

I understand and acknowledge that my failure to disclose relevant information may result in harm to myself and others during a course, training or event. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Apogee Endeavors, LLC dba Adventure Risk Management (hereafter referred to as ‘Adventure Risk Management’) and its affiliates, members, officers, employees, independent contractors and other agents from any claims I may make for personal injuries or death to myself and from the claims of third parties whose injury or death I may have contributed to or caused as a result of my failure to disclose any such information.

   I represent and warrant that I have provided all material and important information to Adventure Risk Management pertaining to my medical, mental, and physical condition, in view of my participation on a course or training. I agree to notify the Lead Instructor if there is any change in my physical, mental, or medical condition prior to my scheduled course or training. I further represent and warrant that this information is complete and accurate.

Parent or legal guardian is required to be present at all courses.

Due to insurance regulations and the policies of facilities where our courses are provided, all minor students (less than 18 years of age at the time of the course) must have their parent or legal guardian present, attending as a fully-registered & paid student. Only registered/paid participants may attend a course- family/friends/coworkers, or children/infants of registered/paid participants may NOT attend.

John Jacobs Background

20070118_WMA_0003_lowres_cropWilderness Medicine Instructional Experience



Outdoor Education Industry Experience

Rescue & Emergency Medicine Experience

Other Outdoor Industry Experience

IMG16_CropOutdoor Recreation Interests & Experience

Mountain adventure sports have been a central part of John’s entire life. He is well-versed in all disciplines of climbing including mountaineering, traditional & sport climbing, ice climbing, bouldering in locations across Western North America including Alaska, Coast Range, Cascades, Sierra Nevada, Southern California, and Mexico. In addition to his climbing interests, he has done extensive long-distance hiking, and backcountry skiing. A few of his notable achievements include:



Backcountry Skiing


Bill 'Jobi' Hanson Background

JobiHanson1Bill ‘Jobi’ Hanson has been an EMT since 1989, and a Paramedic since 2000. He began his career in pre-hospital medicine as a combat medic for the US Army. Since then he has worked urban EMS in Boston and rural EMS in Vermont, Oregon, and Colorado as well as on a professional ski patrol, on a critical-care transport service, and as a Flight Paramedic on the Navajo reservation in Arizona.  Jobi also worked for several years as a wilderness educator, rock-climbing guide, and program director for Outward Bound and similar organizations with groups ranging from juvenile offenders to corporate executives.  Currently he works as a Helicopter Rescue Specialist and Crew Chief for Travis County STAR Flight in Austin, Tx. In his spare time he rock-climbs, paddles, scuba dives, and trains for triathlons. 

Deb Ajango Background

DebAjangoDeb Ajango has instructed for Wilderness Medical Associates International for more than a dozen years. She lives in Alaska and has traveled the state extensively. Besides teaching classes for WMA, she owns and operates a business in outdoor safety. Deb’s claim to fame is that she and her husband have actually been attacked (and husband mauled) by a grizzly bear.

Ben Dowdy Background

BenDowdyBen Dowdy has been involved with the outdoors since childhood, and in EMS since 2003. He has worked in eastern Kentucky as a paramedic, tactical medic, and EMS educator. In 2012, he worked in Yellowstone National Park as a paramedic. In addition to teaching all around the US for WMA, Ben is involved with Eastern Kentucky University’s paramedic program and performs SAR and technical rescue in the Red River Gorge area. When not working for SOMEBODY, he racks up plenty of trail and rock time in the southeastern US.